Press Releases

01/18/2022 - All In: Organizations Plan to Increase Business Investment in 2022

11/08/2021 - Health Care Service Corporation Wins 2021 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

10/25/2021 - Study: U.S. Firms Continue to be Cautious Regarding Cash and Short-term Investments

09/21/2021 - 2021 Executive Institute to Focus on Skills for the Modern-day Leader

09/14/2021 - Survey: Managing People Effectively is a Top Priority for Practitioners as they Prepare for the Next Crisis

09/14/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals Partners with Smart Train on CTP Exam Prep Courses

09/13/2021 - Bechtel, Health Care Service Corporation, and Micron Are the Finalists for the AFP 2021 Pinnacle Award

08/26/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals and LeanUp Form Alliance to Support Treasury Professionals

08/25/2021 - NSE Academy Partners with Association for Financial Professionals for Finance, Treasury Education in India

08/24/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals Partners with NOESIS on CTP, FPAC Exam Prep Courses

07/26/2021 - Study: Uncertain Future Prompts U.S. Firms to Build Cash and Short-term Investments in Q2 2021

07/13/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals Launches Initiative to Promote Treasury and Finance Careers to Underrepresented Communities

06/30/2021 - Survey: FP&A and Business and Operations Teams in APAC Have High Collaboration in Forecasting and Planning

06/22/2021 - Survey: Significant Increase in Cash Holdings Within the U.S. Attributed to Pandemic

05/11/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals Partners with HOFT on FP&A Exam Prep Courses

05/11/2021 - Survey: Treasury and Finance Professionals Earned 2.9% Increase in Base Salaries in 2020; Lower Than Past Years

04/26/2021 - Study: Senior Treasury and Finance Professionals are cautiously optimistic entering Q2 2021

04/16/2021 - Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) partners with PMsquare on Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Certification Programme

04/06/2021 - Survey: Increase in Payments Fraud Activity Attributed to the Pandemic, According to 65% of Financial Professionals

02/15/2021 - Virginia Tech’s Calhoun Discovery Program Reimagines Traditional Undergraduate Education

12/08/2020 - Survey: Forecasting Services to Remain in Demand in 2021

10/19/2020 - Dräger Wins 2020 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

09/29/2020 - 2020 Executive Institute to Focus on Unlocking Your Full Potential

09/22/2020 - Association for Financial Professionals, Tranvorma Partner on CTP, FP&A Exam Prep Programmes

09/15/2020 - Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company, Drager, and Peloton Are the Finalists for the AFP 2020 Pinnacle Award

09/09/2020 - Survey: COVID-19 Crisis Has Pushed Treasury to the Forefront

07/27/2020 - Study: U.S. Firms Plan to Decrease Cash Holdings Due to Worsening Business Performance

06/23/2020 - Association for Financial Professionals Partners with Matrix Institute of Professionals on CTP, FP&A Exam Prep Courses

06/23/2020 - Survey: Companies Turn to Bank Deposits as COVID-19 Crisis Continues

05/07/2020 - COVID-19 Survey: FP&A Professionals Expect a Painful, Slow Recovery

04/28/2020 - AFP: CPA (USA), CMA and CTP Holders Eligible to Waive Part I of FP&A Exam

04/21/2020 - Survey: Treasurers’ Actions to Preserve Liquidity in COVID-19 Crisis Foretell Dire Economic Consequences

04/07/2020 - Survey: Business Email Compromise Most Common Cause of Fraud Attempts

03/24/2020 - AFP Urges Fed to Include Tier 2 Commercial Paper in New Facilities

03/19/2020 - Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Hawk to Keynote AFP 2020 in Las Vegas

03/17/2020 - AFP Releases Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook

02/04/2020 - Survey: Cyberrisk Is Financial Professionals’ Top Concern

01/27/2020 - Study: Cash Accumulation Spiked in Fourth Quarter 2019

01/21/2020 - Survey: Finance Revises Project Analysis, But Cost Of Capital Practices Lag

12/03/2019 - Survey: 88% of Organizations Targeted by Cybercrime in Last 18 Months

10/28/2019 - Study: U.S. Firms Continued to Exhibit Caution with Their Cash Holdings in Third Quarter 2019

10/21/2019 - Hyundai Capital America Wins 2019 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

09/10/2019 - Survey: Check Usage Drops to a New Low of 42% for Business to Business Transactions

08/20/2019 - Baird, Expedia Group and Hyundai Capital America Are the Finalists for the AFP 2019 Pinnacle Award

07/29/2019 - Study: Uncertain of the Economy, U.S. Firms Continued to Amass Cash in the Second Quarter of 2019

06/27/2019 - AFP Opens Office in Singapore to Better Serve Treasury and Finance Professionals

06/25/2019 - Survey: Bank Relationships Determine Where Companies Put Their Cash

05/21/2019 - Survey: Treasury and Finance Professionals Garnered 3.5% Raises On Average in 2018

04/29/2019 - Study: U.S. Firms Accumulated Cash in 1Q19 At A Lower Rate Than Previous Quarter

04/09/2019 - Payments Fraud Jumps to Record High: 82% of Businesses Impacted, Survey Finds

03/21/2019 - Robin Roberts, Fareed Zakaria to Keynote AFP 2019 Annual Conference in Boston

02/05/2019 - Survey: Treasurers’ Top Concerns Are Strategy, Cybersecurity and Financial Risk

01/28/2019 - Study: U.S. Firms Signal They Are Looking to Use Cash in the First Quarter of 2019

11/13/2018 - Citi® Continues its Innovation in Treasury Services as the First AFP Accredited Service Codes Provider Using the New SWIFT Standard for BSB Globally

11/05/2018 - Uber Wins 2018 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

10/29/2018 - Study: U.S. Firms Accumulated Cash in 3Q18 At A Faster Pace Than The Previous Quarter

10/16/2018 - Survey: Fintech Excites Treasury & Finance Execs, But Many Have Yet to Implement It

09/11/2018 - Uber, OpenText and BMC Software Are the Finalists for the AFP 2018 Pinnacle Award

08/15/2018 - On the 2018 AFP Executive Institute Agenda: Fintech Disruption, Crisis Communications

07/30/2018 - Study: U.S. Firms Accumulated Cash in 2Q18 At A Slower Pace Than The Previous Quarter

06/05/2018 - AFP Guide Explores Making Excel Work in FP&A’s Data-Centric World

06/05/2018 - AFP Expands into Asia and Will Open Office in Singapore to Better Serve the Finance Profession

05/22/2018 - Survey: Treasury and Finance Professionals Earned Average Raises of 4.3% in 2017

04/30/2018 - Study: U.S. Firms Accumulated Cash in 1Q18 At A Faster Pace Than The Previous Quarter

04/24/2018 - AFP Pinnacle Awards, Sponsored by MUFG, Now Accepting Entries for 2018 Competition

04/10/2018 - Payments Fraud Hit Record High 78% in 2017 According to New Survey of Finance Pros

02/07/2018 - Daymond John, Peyton Manning to Keynote AFP 2018 Annual Conference in Chicago

01/29/2018 - Study: U.S. Firms May Be Willing to Deploy Cash, Fueled by Economy and Tax Reform

01/23/2018 - Survey: 32% of Treasury and Finance Pros Are Unprepared for New Tech Risks

12/05/2017 - Surprise: Most Firms Still Do Traditional Budgeting and 74% of FP&A Pros Like It

11/14/2017 - Survey: Only 11% of Organizations Are Ready for Digital Disruption

10/30/2017 - Study: U.S. Firms Are Worried About the Economy, Building Reserves at a Record Pace

10/16/2017 - World Vision International Wins the 2017 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

08/15/2017 - Allstate Insurance Company, Hyundai Capital America and World Vision Are Finalists for the AFP 2017 Pinnacle Award for Treasury Excellence

08/08/2017 - Focus for 2017 AFP Executive Institute: Prepare to Be Disrupted, Finance Leaders

07/31/2017 - Study: Corporate Cash Buildup Continued in 2Q17 at a Faster Rate Than Expected

07/11/2017 - Survey: Many Firms Won’t Invest in Prime Money Funds Because of SEC Ruling

06/20/2017 - AFP Launches Digital Finance Academy to Prepare Finance Pros for Transformation

05/24/2017 - AFP, Oliver Wyman and Starfish Leadership Join Forces to Launch AFP MindShift

05/22/2017 - Survey: 80% Say Treasury Plays a More Strategic Role Today Than Three Years Ago

05/09/2017 - Survey: 3.5% Raise in 2016 for Finance Pros, Education and Certification Boost Salaries

04/24/2017 - Study: Finance Executives Are Less Upbeat About the Economy in 2Q17, Return to Hoarding Cash

04/20/2017 - 13th Annual AFP Executive Forum in NYC To Focus On Making Treasury More Strategic

04/18/2017 - TV Host Mike Rowe and Author Shankar Vedantam to Keynote AFP 2017 in San Diego

04/04/2017 - Survey: Record Number of Organizations Were Victims of Payments Fraud in 2016

01/30/2017 - Study: U.S. Firms Expect Economic Growth In 2017, And Plan to Deploy Cash

01/17/2017 - Survey: Geopolitical Risk Is Now a Top Concern for Finance Professionals

10/31/2016 - Study: U.S. Firms Accelerate Cash Hoarding in 3Q16, Likely Due to Geopolitical Uncertainty

10/24/2016 - Hyundai Capital America Wins the 2016 AFP Pinnacle Award Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance

10/04/2016 - Survey: Bigger Investment in FP&A Technology Yields Greater Efficiencies

09/20/2016 - Survey: 57% of Organizations Intend to Use Same-Day ACH for Last-Minute Bill Payments

08/23/2016 - Hyundai Capital America, Intellectual Ventures and World Vision Are Finalists for 2016 AFP Pinnacle Award

07/25/2016 - Study: U.S. Firms Hoarded Cash in 2Q16, Anticipate Accelerated Accumulation Thru Summer

07/12/2016 - Survey: Vast Majority of Treasury Professionals Value Their Bank Relationships.

05/17/2016 - Survey: 3.6% Raise in 2015 for Finance Pros, But Potential Skills Gap is Cause for Concern

04/25/2016 - Study: U.S. Firms Deployed Some Cash in First Quarter, But Will Resume Accumulating This Quarter

04/19/2016 - AFP Survey: Finance Pros Report their Organizations’ Treasury Management Systems Are Producing Desired Results

03/29/2016 - Survey: 73% of American Companies Were Targets of Payments Fraud in 2015

01/25/2016 - Study: A Troubled and Volatile Global Economy Drives U.S. Firms’ to Accumulate Cash Rapidly In 4Q15

01/19/2016 - Survey: 52% of firms face greater earnings uncertainty today than three years ago

12/14/2015 - Survey: Treasury and Finance Professionals Expect Tepid Economic Growth in 2016

10/26/2015 - Survey: U.S. Firms Continue to Accumulate Cash In 3Q15 Though at a Slower Pace

10/20/2015 - Survey: Risk, Cybersecurity Are Main Fears at AFP Annual Conference

10/06/2015 - Survey: 80% of Organizations Are Transitioning B2B Payments from Paper Check to Electronic Payments

09/22/2015 - Survey: Two-Thirds of Treasury and Finance Professionals Are Highly Satisfied With Banks’ Service

09/02/2015 - New York DA Cyrus Vance Jr. to Speak On Cybersecurity at 2015 CTC Executive Institute

08/25/2015 - Covidien, Dow Corning, and Hilton Worldwide Are 2015 AFP Pinnacle Award Finalists

07/27/2015 - Survey: U.S. Firms Accumulated Cash In 2Q15 Due to Softening Business Confidence

07/08/2015 - Survey: Fewer Finance Pros Rank Safety As The Top Corporate Investment Objective

07/02/2015 - Association for Financial Professionals and AMA Form Partnership for Finance Execs

05/20/2015 - Survey: Treasury and Finance Professionals’ Base Salaries Increased 4.1 Percent in 2014

05/19/2015 - Association for Financial Professionals to Debut FP&A Leadership Summit in Amsterdam, 19-20 May

04/27/2015 - Survey: American Businesses are Showing Some Reluctance to Deploy Cash

04/21/2015 - Survey: One-Third of Organizations Use SaaS-Based Treasury Management Systems, Say Finance Pros

03/25/2015 - AFP Survey: Financial Professionals Confident That EMV Cards Will Help Mitigate Credit/Debit Card Fraud

01/21/2015 - Finance Professionals See Earnings Uncertainty as New Normal – 2015 AFP Risk Survey

12/09/2014 - CFOs, Treasurers Say Business Optimism at Pre-recession High – AFP Survey

11/04/2014 - Finance Pros Fear Economic Impact of Large Scale Cyber-attacks - Survey

08/26/2014 - Companies Expand Number of Banking Relationships, gtnews Survey Shows

07/28/2014 - AFP Releases July 2014 Corporate Cash Indicators

07/14/2014 - Corporate Treasurers See Better Operating Cash Flow Building Reserves