Flexibility and Review: What It Means for Corporate Learners

Aug 08, 2017


Casey Breslin, Manager Training Products, AFP

Finding time for training is always a challenge in a corporate environment. Between limited time, availability and retention, it can be difficult to demonstrate ROI for training initiatives. But training organizations and training providers fare better when they produce training in easily managed modules that include review and take-away materials built in to the content. AFP is excited to announce new options for corporate learners and learning and development officers.

Hybrid Open Enrollment Offerings: Flexible Learning Installments

In the next few months, AFP will begin to offer hybrid open enrollment offerings designed to accommodate the busy schedules of financial professionals. Hybrid delivery courses have three key elements:

  1. High-Level Recording: This recording offers a high-level overview of the training topic and sets the stage for the live virtual seminar. Attendees may listen to this 30-minute recording at their leisure and, upon completion, can submit questions to the instructor via a survey link. By taking this survey, the attendees can ensure they are setting their own training goals ahead of delivery. The instructor then takes those questions and incorporates them into the seminar.
  2. Virtual Seminar: Two weeks after the recording, registrants sign into the live seminar. This is a condensed version of a standard AFP course offering that covers the topics in a streamlined fashion. The instructor incorporates any questions and comments from the recording survey and aligns them with the existing content in the seminar. The instructor ends the seminar by assigning activities that attendees can try at their workstations for immediate implementation.
  3. Half-Hour Review: Two weeks after the delivery of the virtual seminar, attendees sign into a short review session where they can discuss the activities and their effectiveness. It also gives the attendees the opportunity to pose additional questions: excel functions, financial equations, regulatory issues, etc. The floor is open for any clarifying questions attendees may have. With these three steps in place, corporate finance professionals have the time and flexibility to learn effectively and retain and reinforce their knowledge.

Corporate Training Spaced Review: Getting Ahead of the Forgetting Curve

Whereas open enrollment training is primarily self-paced and self-enrolled, AFP’s corporate training practice works directly with corporate L&D departments to provide training seminars to entire treasury and finance groups on prearranged days. These training engagements represent a strategic investment. Finance training is intended to fill crucial skills gaps in order to increase the efficiency and profitability of the finance function. Corporate training is delivered in classes that can be between four to eight hours long, depending on the course and content. As informative and interactive as these courses are, they require reinforcement and review.

For that reason, AFP has implemented a spaced review as part of all its training offerings, both for virtual and in-person classes. This review, scheduled about a month after the final module is delivered, in an hour-long virtual seminar which reviews key elements of the course: formulas, payments processes, account analyses, etc. It can be as structured as the corporate partner wants, or it can be an open-ended question session where the instructor provides more instruction.

Providing learners with delivery and review options that accommodate busy schedules while reinforcing the course material is the corporate training best practice for the 21st century. Skills gaps must be filled, and it is entirely possible to do so with manageable chunks and spaced reviews.

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For more information about spaced reviews in AFP’s corporate sales offerings, please contact Justin Barch, Director of Corporate Sales.