CTP Profile: From Theoretical to Fully Realized

  • By AFP Staff
  • Published: 5/27/2022
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When he started in treasury, Deepak Patil had only a theoretical idea of how a treasury department functions. “And I had absolutely no idea how the financial operations, middle office and back office are separated by the systems and extensive responsibilities each department caters to,” he said. But he knew one thing for sure: that he wanted to get in to treasury.

That was in 2017. Deepak started as an analyst with FIS, “This was by far the best opportunity available to me, so I grabbed it,” he said. And today he is senior treasury implementation consultant.  

Daily tasks and future plans 

In his daily routine, Deepak implements treasury solutions, which involves taking care of all configurations and running a lot of test to make sure the product works in the way in which it was designed. “This helps other members of the treasury team to carry out their respective daily tasks more efficiently and effectively,” said Deepak.  

Of the skills Deepak uses to successfully do his job, he says they are all skills he has acquired on his own, “over a period of time, by observing and spending a lot of time learning the craft.” He said that earning his CTP certification has “helped me stand out in showcasing that I know treasury.” Skills Deepak would like to add over the next couple of years include cash and liquidity management. “I see it’s a big part of treasury, and I somehow lack the necessary skill set,” he said.  

As for his future, Deepak would like to transition from implementing treasury to working in the core treasury function. That’s where the action is, so to speak. “Where you are put to the test and make decisions regarding the selection of banking partners, you need to understand different country regulatory requirements, and define and execute cash and liquidity management for the organization,” he said.   

The CTP gave him the recognition he deserved 

“I was doing treasury work even before getting certified, but people didn’t recognize that knowledge,” said Deepak. With certification came the recognition he deserved. “I now add CTP in my signature, and that has alerted people to the fact that I’m a player in the game.” 

Deepak said that the CTP credential has helped him to stand out as someone who knows how treasury functions work. He’s also getting a lot more calls for interviews than before he was certified.  

Another piece he feels is of great value is the fact that he has all the CTP resources in one place. That way he can study and start implementing what I learned over the period — something that would otherwise be difficult as you would have to gather the information from different sources. 

“Just as a medical degree shows a doctor knows what he/she is doing, so too must we as treasury professionals showcase our credentials,” said Deepak. “There are so many people in the treasury business that in order to stand out, the CTP is a must.” 

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